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Lawn Mowing

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Dunn’s Lawn Service, LLC of Florissant, MO has a lawn maintenance program for
every budget.  We offer weekly and bi-weekly mowing rates and are able to price
your service with just 1 simple phone call.

Dunn’s Lawn Service, LLC never requires a contract!

We sharpen or change our mower blades every day to give our customers
the cleanest cut possible and reduce tearing of the grass.  All the while keeping
an eye on problem areas of the lawn (i.e. weed control, mole damage, grub
worms, other insects, or fungus).

Proper lawn mowing is a crucial part of any landscape and can greatly enhance
the look of your home. Properly mowed lawns will hold water better and not
stress or burnout in the summer heat as easily, they also are more prone to
fighting off weeds naturally.

We pride ourselves on giving our customers the best looking lawn at affordable
and competitive price.

If you are looking for reliable lawn care provider in the St. Louis area
then give us a call or contact us here and let us work up a lawn maintenance
program that works best for your budget.

Nobody beats our service!!

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