What does your mowing service include?
Our Mowing Service consists of cutting, trimming of lawn perimeter, edging of
front hardscapes, and blowing off of hardscapes.

My grass hasn't grown since your last visit, will you still cut?
We understand that our Summer's can be pretty brutal but we recommend that
everyone Water their Lawn for a minimum of 1 - 2 hours a week and by doing so
your Lawn will grow enough during that time since the last visit that it will need
to be cut.  If the lawn has not grown enough since the last visit the Crew will make
the ultimate decision on whether or not the lawn will need to be cut.  If not then
you will just rescheduled to the following week.

Do I have to sign a contract for lawn service?
No, contracts are not required for our Lawn Maintenance Services.  We only
require that you agree to a 5 cut minimum.  After those 5 cuts you are able to
cancel at any time.
Frequently Asked Questions?
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