Stork Signs F.A.Q.'s
How long are your rentals?
We offer 3 days, 5 days, and 7 day rentals.

Do you deliver to baby showers?
Yes we offer one (1) day rentals for baby showers only.

What information do you need?
The information that we need is the babies first and middle name, weight, length, date of birth, and nationality.

Do I get to keep the baby bundle keepsake?
Yes, you do get to keep the baby bundle at no additional charge.

What if I live in an apartment?
Unfortunately if you live in an apartment for liability reasons we are unable to put a stork sign on the premises,
you can purchase a baby bundle alone though for a small fee.

What areas do you serve for Stork Sign Rentals?
We serve the St. Charles County, West County, and most areas of South County and North County.  Call us at
(314) 830-2862 to confirm delivery to your area.

How long will it take to have the stork sign arrive at the location?
Once a phone call is made with all of the babies information and payment is made we guarantee a 48 hour
delivery.  If this going to be for a baby shower event please call at least three (3) days notice.

What is included in the stork rental?
Your choice of a Boy or Girl Stork Sign, your choice of Nationality and Baby Boy or Baby Girl Baby Bundle,
ribbon, and spot light (extension cord must be supplied by Customer).

When my rental days are up what do I do?
When your rental days are up, we will come to the location and remove everything except the Baby Bundle, we
will usually leave the Baby Bundle on the front porch but if you have a more specific area you would like it to be
left please let u know.
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