Did you know, that it could actually be costing
you more to cut your own lawn than to have us
service it ?
These numbers are based on the price of the lowest priced equipment to do the
job  so your cost to cut your own lawn could be more or less.

21" Self-propelled mower with mulching/bagging                     $191.53                
Electric edger                                                                 $ 96.27
Electric line trimmer                                                        $  32.01
Electric leaf blower                                                     
+  $  32.07
Now based on a thirty week cutting season the cost would be

Weekly                30 cuts         $ 11.73
with gas               $3.00           $ 14.73
2 hours cutting    $20.00         $ 34.73 each cut if you cut it yourself

Bi-weekly           15 cuts          $ 23.45
with gas               $3.00           $ 26.45
2 hours cutting    $20.00         $ 46.45 each cut if you cut it yourself

As you can see in most cases it will be cheaper for you and you will have more
free time, not to mention probably the best lawn on your street. If you give us a
call and let us take care of it for you.
Did You Know ?
So our question is why are you still cutting your own lawn?

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